Four-shafts shredders: Model 100-100S

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Four-shafts shredders: Model 100-100S


Main technical characteristics:
  • Cutting chamber: 1000X1000
  • installed power: 37 kW (18,5 kW + 18,5 kW)
  • drive: by gears
  • n. Cutter shafts: 2
  • n. Hardened cutters: 25
  • n. Conveyor shafts: 2
  • n. conveyor disks: 25
  • n. average cutter revs./min.: 18
  • production: 1,5-2,5 t/h
  • safety precautions: emergency stop, hopper closed contact
  • manufactured to EC standards.
  • interchangeable hopper;
  • interchangeable screen;
  • base size to order;
Explanatory notes:

Medium sized multipurpose machine suitable for shredding an enormous number of waste materials - even very large. It can be introduced into a line to operate in continuous working.
Recommended for shredding pieces of wood even large sized, pallets, rags, plastic, leather, tyres, paper, cardboard, packaging, polyethylene banding, plastic film, PET bottles, milk bottles, different types of containers, paper documents, plastic scraps, upholstery, bumpers, small trunks, tarpaulin, etc.

Characteristics of shredder:
  • Very thick welded sheet steel support;
  • Support for barrel roller bearings with sealing system against dust and liquids;
  • Anti-wear interchangeable side plates with separating interspace of the cutting chamber from bearing-holder flanges;
  • High thickness shafts with 25 special anti-wear steel cutters and 25 conveyor disks to facilitate gripping of bulky objects;
  • Tool thickness 40 mm;
  • Graduated arrangement of cutter teeth for better taking and cut progress;
  • No.2 epicyclic reduction gears with rotation axes parallel to the cutter axis;
  • No.2 18,5 kW SIEMENS motors;
  • Drive system in oil bath with steel gears and pinions;
  • 1000x1000 mm cutting chamber;
  • Interchangeable screen determining the sizes of the shredded material (optional);
  • Electrowelded sheet metal hopper for top loading.
  • Base equipped with no. 3 protection nets with frontal gate provided with security micro;
  • Weight: about 5,5 t.
Characteristics of control system:
  • Electric switchboard complying with CEE standards, equipped with torque limiting device which inverts the direction of the pusher drawer if the work load of the machine exceeds the set value;
  • S7-1200 SIEMENS PLC to control all the plant peripheral units;
  • SIMATIC SIEMENS touch screen to adjust all the parameters of the machine;
  • Software prepared to control the loading system, the grinder and the suction plant.
  • Emergency control functions for stopping the system;
  • ISVE MAINTENACE PROGRAM: it signals the ordinary maintenance interventions at their expiry date.
  • The production of shredder material varies depending on the type of piece to be ground and the size of the ground items required. On an average it is possible to produce between 1,5-2,5 t per hour
  • Made to CE standards.