Industrial four-shafts shredders

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Industrial four-shafts shredders

Isve 4-shafts shredders for bulky waste.

Fit for small and medium enterprises allow to reduce the production waste volume for reusing or disposal, with minimum power consumption, little noise and high reliability. Equipped with control PLC to settle their operation, they come with interchanging screen to determine the final size of the ground material. They can operate with plastic materials, cardboard, wood, packaging, residual skin and leather, barks, cans, bundles and others. Maintenance can be made directly by the user with specific keys and technical book.

Traditional "Tritotutto" 4-shafts industrial shredders represent the vintage I.S.V.E. shredding line on the market for over 10 years.

Industrial shredders are machines able to shred all types of waste, whether urban or industrial such as plastic materials, paper, cardboard, wood, packaging, shells, fruit stones, leather and hide waste, bark, cans, tyres, copper items.

Why choose an I.S.V.E. industrial shredders?

  • They are ideal for small-medium sized companies.
  • They are versatile, and adapt to different kind of waste.
  • Shredders have low energy consumption.
  • Shredding plants have low noise.

These industrial shredders can be customized to meet customer requirements thanks to a wide range of accessories: K2D cutters, supplementary screen, automated loading hopper, automated loading box and trolley cum hopper, conveyor belts, big-bag packaging system.