Industrial granulating mills

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Industrial granulating mills


GR series plants are granulators working with small plates, which are particularly suitable to recover scraps, except ferrous materials.
Thanks to their big versatility and cheap cost, these plants represent the fist step towards small recycling equipment to produce secondary raw material.

The main feature of granulators is represented by the full rotor conformation provided with 6 cm short blades with staggered arrangement.
During rotation every tool scratches the material and makes the final shredding.
In comparison with traditional continuous-blade mills, these machines are suitable for  material characterized by high thickness and resistance to cut.

For GR series the power of the motor and double flywheel inertia are concentrated on a very low tool surface giving it a notable power.

Between the applications we mention the following ones:

  • Fine shredding of plastic material including discharging blocks;
  • Direct shredding and refining (<3 mm) of high thickness wooden material without need of pre-shredding;
  • Destroy of confidential paper documents up DIN5.

Every machine can be provided with timing loading belt, pneumatic evacuating system with dust exhaust and big-bag unloading.
GR granulators could be also coupled to all I.S.V.E. shredders, grinders and deferrization systems to design complete lines.