Isve shredding systems

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Isve shredding systems

The shredders, grinders, granulators and the wide range of Isve accessories provide production lines specific to the recovery, reuse or disposal of production waste. As accomplishments stand the lines for shredding, separation, washing and drying of plastic materials from self-destruction, such as the recovery and separation line of car tyres` rubber. Production up to 1 t/h.

ISVE is capable of combining all the various types of grinders and granulators to obtain complete systems equipped with conveyer belts, iron removal systems, pneumatic handling and big-bag packaging systems.

Below are some of our proposals:

  • Grinding, iron removal and wood refining systems;
  • Plastic material granulating, iron removal and grinding systems;
  • Systems for grinding and shredding papers up to the DIN 5 specification (max safety)
  • Systems for removing moisture or dust from ready-packed products ( food and bottling industry)

We have a 200 m 2 show room equipped for tests and ready to host customers willing to perform any kind of shredding test using the ISVE range of products.