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ISVE shredder installed in the Kinross Goldmine in Mauritania
Tasiast is the place, located 300 km north of Nouakchott (Mauritania) were also ISVE is in operation now. In September of 2019 one shredder model MR40-140IT was installed to treat different materials such as , pallets , wood , furniture , plastic, PET, and so on . The Tasiast gold mine is an open-pit gold mine in Mauritania, owned and operated by Kinross Gold. The mine is located 300 kilometres (190 mi) north of the capital of Nouakchott in a Wadi called Khatt Atui. The Tasiast Gold Mine started up their production in 2008. The machine is collocated on the defined and already prepared place.
The goldmine is a very big area, and in the base camp there are two kitchen areas. One is the Senior Mess and the other one is called Junior Mess. Her are working both of our Bighanna units T240.
The challenge was now to assure the availability of chipped wood rest in the correct form, in order to use the same in the composting process, adding this way the right amount of carbon.
The machine was installed in the recycling area of the Kinross Goldmine, chipping initially Pallets but in in second step also plastic and bottles of PET.
The machine not only shredders the wood waste. There is also included a system of belts, in order to transport the separated wood material from the metallic parts such as nails, screws and others. For Kinross it is an optimal solution, due to the fact that they can recycle in that way thousands of pallets, using the out coming material in the composting process. In a second step , other different material will be treated with this unit. Our biggest thank you to the Kinross team, which made it possible to realize the assembling, test run, Start up, training and after sales explanations only I three days. The Goldmine is a very hot place where temperature over 45º are something normal.

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