Shredder accessories which can be combined with "Tritotutto"

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To make the shredding operation and managing of waste even more economically favorable our company has developed a complete line of accessories.

The objectives that were set were the following:

  • "customerization" of the shredding characteristics on the basis of customer requirements;
  • use of labor during the loading and discharging operations of the grinder reduced to a minimum;
  • operating friendly recycling operations of waste materials.
K2D cutters for shredding particularly hard materials or if there are nails or small metal parts present.
Particularly useful for very rough waste.
accessori trituratori
Conveyor disks for light materials subject to "rising" over the cutters.
Interchangeable supplementary screen with mesh diameters from 14-18-25-30-35 mm. which set the size of the shredded product.